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Booklet CD SogniDiGiorno (English)
MarcoZappaQuartet&Guests SogniDiGiorno

If my memory serves me well, I first heard Marco Zappa play when I was 14 or 15 years old; it was at a ‘Hope' concert. Some years later, our professional paths crossed and we met more frequently thereafter, so in a way it's thanks to him that I made my debut as a journalist for RSI, during a week's radio programmes dedicated to his music. Every day Marco would turn up at the studio in Besso with his arsenal of samplers, bases, guitars, flutes and mouth organs . . . .all of 20 years ago, maybe even longer. Since then although I haven't been one of his most assiduous followers I've kept up to date with his musical development, especially these last five years. ‘Gente' in 1999 was the first sign of a ‘different' Marco Zappa which has continued to mature into the well rounded ‘Sogni di Giorno' which brings us the best of Marco Zappa as a composer, both musically and theatrically. With his thorough background knowledge of the smaller stage, (one of the characteristics of the Swiss cultural heritage) Marco Zappa has crafted an excellent local product, with fine attention to detail thanks to advanced technology. It is an ideal ‘visiting card' for an entertaining musical evening. Just close your eyes and listen to the CD. The dream theme running through it brings visions of holiday snaps, trips down memory lane, portraits and personal experiences which left a lasting impression, ‘news flashes', with a social or ecological angle, and much much more – a true kaleidoscope. Imagination soars on the notes of Doppiosogno, the song Zappa has dedicated to his guitars, irreplaceable travelling companions. There's poetry in ‘Sogno d'Acqua' enhanced by the fine cello playing of guest Mattia Zappa, humour in the incredible (but true) story ‘Solo', and again in ‘Da un Sasso all'altro', the opening track; ‘Sognogrecogreco' with the bazouki and percusssions played by Giannis Papantoniou brings a pure Hellenic chorus sung by the singular voice of Jorgo Stavrakakis. The list is much longer and there are surprises too – catchy tunes which illustrate the pleasure that comes from shared creativity – here a ‘swing', there an invitation to reggae, a hint of tarantella (‘Agriturismo') or a fine soothing ballad. All follow the same acoustic formula and team spirit which nevertheless allow space for the strong individual personality of each musician; the elegant accordion and bandoneon of Danilo Boggini, the perfect energetic brushstroke drumming of Oliviero Giovanoni, the jazzy interludes of Sandro Scneebeli and the confident double bass of Lucio Lou Zaninotti, not forgetting Mattia's exemplary cello. The temptation is to describe each song, dipping into the lyrics, musical quotations, and meticulous arrangements, the original solos, and ironic interludes (‘LaConsegnadiBarach'). If a CD is usually for listening pleasure this one is also an invitation to the theatre and merits a round of applause.
Giorgio Thoeni

Marco Zappa lyrics, music, vocals, guitar, mandola, mouth organ, tzouras.
Danilo Boggini accordion, vocals
Lucio Lou Zaninotti bass, vocals
Oliviero Giovannoni drums, percussion, vocals

Sandro Scneebeli electric guitar, classical guitar, 12 string guitar, vocals
Mattia Zappa Cello, recorder

Giannis Papantoniou percussion, bouzouki
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