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UNESCO Club Ticino, 2017 Partnership Partnership to Marco Zappa’s career
UNESCO is a specialized ONU agency, which conveys always the same message since seventy years: “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.” UNESCO action is fulfilled on three levels. The international level: the organization, settled in Paris, announces the guidelines and stipulates conventions. The national level: established in the Member State’s capitals it transmits and fulfils the UNESCO values, such as tolerance and peace, in every nation. The regional level: settled in UNESCO Centers and Clubs all over the world, puts into action the organization’s principles in direct contact with civil society. The UNESCO Club Ticino can assign his own Partnership to activities deserving attention and in accord to UNESCO’s ideals. The Partnership has a strictly moral and ethical value and does not imply any financial aid. Activities receiving partnership can highlight the Club’s logo on their own publications. The activities must have a regional character, must involve education, science, culture and communication and must concern a topic in a specific area, established every four years. The UNESCO Club Ticino assigns the Career Partnership to Swiss-Italian singer and songwriter Marco Zappa, with the following reference:
“For having lived and conceived the art of music as a language of strong conviviality among different cultures and traditions and for having searched tenaciously for his own human and artistic roots in a constantly changing reality, sharpening and accruing his own message of civic engagement.

Two aspects can be considered:

1) Music and conviviality “We are the Earth and we are our neighbours as well, unconscious electrons of the same atom, rotating round the same core, until the umpteenth universe will wake up inside our last particle!”
These words by the Nobel Peace and Medicine Prize winner Linus Pauling outline very well the UNESCO ideals, but represent as well all of Marco Zappa’s career, revealing himself in line with the UNESCO message.
To see unity in diversity has always been Marco Zappa’s dream and this unity hasn’t just always been looked for among different people and cultures but as well among different kinds of music and among acoustic instruments with different traditions.
Marco Zappa has been a powerful engine of conviviality and empathy with his mastership and his pleasure to play songs that require a broad variety of instruments, with his passion in creating a real contact with the audience and with his deep wish of giving an almost brotherly affection to all artists collaborating with him.

2) Creativity and civic engagement
In his long career, started as a student in 1967, Marco Zappa wanted to know and to delve into different musical cultures and traditions, focusing on the search of human values, of respect and tolerance, not passively lived but able to build new forms of cooperation and a varied and original musical texture. It is always true that a spontaneous musical idea originates from the combination of many emotive, psychological, rational and irrational factors. Melodies, harmonies, music/text interaction, adaptation, the use of dialects and the mastery of so many instruments are the results of a dense network of competence and experience and they mirror the strong personality and the great sensibility of this artist. Underpinning everything is the voyage, intended by Marco Zappa as vocation, transformation and pilgrimage; voyage as a metaphor for the creative process.

C'è chi torna al suo paese Ma riparte frastornato
con una valigia piena di sorprese, con la valigia ancora piena ed il cuore vuoto.
di regali e di attenzioni, C'è chi torna al suo paese,
di speranze e di emozioni. ma tutto è cambiato!
Marco Zappa – PuntEBarrieR - 2017

In this way Marco Zappa fills his music with today’s reality, with all its contradictions and paradoxes. His civically engaged music is rich with strong messages denouncing indifference, solitude and immorality, but it tells as well about hope, joy and friendship. His desire to fight against hate and stupidity is the first step towards a culture of peace, the principal aim of UNESCO. Peace is not just the absence of war but also a way of life, an ethical and passionate approach, beginning from human relations, from little things and from opening our hearts to other people. These simple and strong actions and feelings, these impressions of pain and joy, are the essence of Marco Zappa’s songs and make his music so rich in cues and reflexions that are never ordinary. These are the reasons for the UNESCO Club Ticino to reward Marco Zappa with a Career Partnership. The use of the Partnership logo in publications and concerts will allow the visibility of this Partnership. Bellinzona, February 2017
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